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If you're a current client and you need anything at all here are the best ways you can reach our team


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Aaron Klein and his team are happy to offer live support every day the US markets are open. Office hours on those days are 10 AM to 4 PM Eastern Standard Time.

1. What is the best way to get live help?

Your support team is in-house and 100% U.S. based. If you are a current student or active investor looking for the fastest way to get live help, kindly submit your support ticket from the private client portal.

2. How can I request VIP access to join?

Acceptance is by application only. VIP clients receive access to our elite Inner Circle which includes weekly live stream trading sessions along with priority Q&A calls. If you want live help growing your private investments then click on the blue button below.

3. Can I contact you with questions?

Yes! If you have any other inquiries, please call +1 (206) 539-0955. Our wildly successful investment fund is grateful for the opportunity to be of service in these volatile times.


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